Corporate Citizenship

Long Term Viability- in our business and communities

AFT’s vision of sustainability is to ensure long term business viability through tangible value contributions - not only to our customers but also to the communities in which we work and live. 

We tend to view our corporate citizenship initiatives close to our manufacturing hubs: in the communities where we share space and our employees live.  Our employees volunteer hours in their respective communities; we help support community events; we train our future leaders through internships with universities and local schools; and we encourage our employees to share their talents with NGOs and non-profit boards. 


Pink Project

Rose et BlancWhat began as a flaw turned into a great idea for community support!

Pilot P.B. is the distributor of many of the best lines of industrial tools in the world, including Piranha products fabricated in Quebec. Piranha produces end mill tools that have a protective coating applied.  One day there was an issue in the paint formulation for the coating and it came out pink. This happened close to Breast Cancer Awareness month and a great idea was formed: Piranha launched Project Pink and sold pink end mill tools while donating a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research. Project Pink successfully raised several thousand dollars in Quebec and AFT was definitely excited to play a part.  As with most organizations, breast cancer has struck close to home and we saw this as an opportunity to support our own cancer survivors along with their AFT support network.  Not to mention it has been pretty easy to locate our pink end mill tools!