AFT supplying POMix stock processors to new Pratt Industries board machine

Made in USA Last update 2022/03/14

USA , 2022 - AFT is supplying two POMix® stock processors to Pratt Industries for the new PM18 board machine in Henderson, Kentucky. The POMix units will deliver uniform top- and bottom-ply stock distribution to the machine headbox. The mill will use 100% recycled paper to produce corrugating medium and linerboard grades.  PM18 is scheduled to start-up in fall of 2023.

AFT’s POMix stock processor is a compact, patented mixing solution that replaces conventional large mixing chests and machine chests.  Its small volume results in a highly responsive and stable operation – an efficient "just-in-time" approach to feeding the paper machine that minimizes grade change time and off-grade paper.

“AFT is excited to be part of this project for one of the world’s most advanced, environmentally friendly recycled paper mills”, says Sven Girschner, Regional Manager - Americas, AFT Process and Equipment Solutions. “We are looking forward to a successful start-up in 2023.”

AFT supplying POMix stock processors to Pratt Industries