Shield Cylinder

Maximum performance in high wear applications

Heavy duty construction

AFT’s Shield™ cylinder is the latest innovation in screen cylinders – with the same accuracy and precision of our high performing MacroFlow2 but in a specially designed heavy-duty construction for the most demanding high wear applications.  Made with duplex material especially resistant to abrasion, Shield is ideal for slotted coarse screening of recycled pulps and fine screening where abrasive materials are present, especially in tailing positions. 

As with the MacroFlow2, AFT’s proprietary locking system holds every wire in place in the laser-cut notches of the support ring. This unique assembly technology delivers slot width accuracy and precision beyond that of any other supplier, resulting in reliable performance over a long period of time.

Optimizing the Shield cylinder with our new Gladiator™ rotor will enable single screens or entire screening systems to push beyond the traditional limits of wedgewire technology by operating at consistencies even above 4.5%.

Shield™ cylinder

Shield Screen Cylinder