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What is slot variation costing you?

AFT’s manufacturing advances have resulted in a new generation of screen cylinders - the MacroFlow2 (MF2). These slotted, or wedgewire, cylinders are made with wires held to very tight placement tolerances. The accuracy and precision of the slots (twice the industry average), combined with the widest wire selection on the market, provide the flexibility needed to reach optimum screening results.

Why care about slot width variation? Normally a specification will call for an average slot width, meaning there can be variations between individual slots. It is these variations that can cost big money: smaller slots tend to plug - costing you throughput; larger slots can pass unwanted materials in the final product - costing you quality. The money lost in slowing capacity or in higher debris fed to a paper machine, in a pigment or in your food process is all too real. Calculate what a 5-10% improvement in efficiency or capacity might do for your screening!     

Stronger to last longer

Did you know that an average wedgewire cylinder has over 10,000 connection points with over 500 parts - that's a lot of potential points for failure. The manufacturing technologies employed in producing MacroFlow2 cylinders are designed to eliminate these potential weak points that appear when relying on manual assembly. For example, the wires are not welded or glued or pinned into place (typical points of cylinder failure). AFT’s proprietary locking system holds every wire in place in the laser-cut notches of the support ring. This unique assembly tech­nology allows reliable performance over a long period of time. We can go on and on about precision in roundness and repeatable manufacturing - but also remember that pairing the right cylinder with your rotor is important and we have a global applications team ready to help make that selection.

Better performance