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Performance components and unit capital solutions

If you are looking to improve your existing recycled fiber process - whether it is OCC, ONP or deinked - AFT has the know-how to help. With our performance wear components, key pieces of unit capital and extensive process knowledge, an optimal solution for improvement can be found whatever the challenge:

  • Higher capacity
  • Lower energy use
  • Cleaner fiber and sheet
  • Quality swings in raw materials
  • Changing raw materials or paper quality
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For a step by step improvement plan, we can help you find a way to reduce energy, change grades or increase capacity.

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AFT offers a selection of detrashing, cleaning, dispersion and dewatering equipment for specialized upgrade needs.

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Incremental improvements with real return are what a screening solution should be all about.

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The components inside determine equipment performance. For screens or filters, the cylinder and rotor are what really matter

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Finebar low Intensity refining technology allows customized plates and fillings to fit your needs