Recycled Fiber Processing

"We review every application as an opportunity to learn"

Joachim Geldmacher, Petax Papier

Screening evaluations

An Upgrade Focus

When AFT works with you on a fiber line optimization, we consider the state of existing equipment from both a performance and mechanical standpoint. We begin by evaluating the process arrangement and establishing a baseline using our SimAudit™ simulation tool. Next, we evaluate the key performance components within the system - cylinders, rotors and refiner plates - to identify any upgrades having a quick return potential. As we consider improvements, we tend to look in a stepwise fashion and offer investment returns for each step along with budgetary options to reach an ultimate goal. We then consider the equipment - does it need replacing, can it be upgraded to a new model, or can the system benefit from additional units - again evaluating by steps and returns:

  1. Establishment of current baseline
  2. Performance component evaluation
  3. Unit capital replacement
  4. Step by step plan - all together or spread out over time

A step by step plan

Inspection of equipment



Analysis - then steps for improvement

To meet the demanding requirements of OCC processing, AFT offers products that can prepare, clean and screen highly contaminated furnishes while retaining good fibers. Although we can supply complete OCC lines, we are best known for helping mills with targeted upgrades to handle furnish changes, reduce energy or improve current performance. By combining new screen cylinders with targeted contaminant removal or better deflocculation, we can help a mill improve paper quality, reduce machine breaks or improve grade flexibility. Our application engineers understand the equipment, the components and the processes to assist in upgrading an existing plant with a clear investment return.

Variations in incoming fiber quality are always a challenge for deink facilities. AFT can assist in optimizing an existing system, including pulping, ink removal, screening and fiber recovery.