Coarse and Fine Screens

MaxFlow™ screen with tailored cylinder and rotor

Performance with Less Energy

AFT's MaxFlow screen is designed for coarse and fine screening applications. It has an outflow/upflow design, with rejects exiting from the top of the unit. This design removes heavy debris early to avoid damage to the cylinder components. The internal performance components of the MaxFlow are tailored to a specific application and well known for energy efficiency. These include:

  • MacroFlow™ Cylinder with precision slots and contours to fit your application
  • GHC2 Powerwave™ Rotor for virgin kraft and many recycled fiber types
  • EPX™ rotor for heavily contaminated recycled furnishes
  • SPX™ rotor for high consistency

With our SimAudit™ simulation program, our experienced team of application engineers has the ability to predict the performance of various cylinder and rotor combinations and select the optimum combination for your specific needs. This program incorporates over 110 years of knowledge on virtually every fiber type and most screen designs available worldwide.

The MaxFlow Screen series provides several key benefits for both coarse and fine screening systems:

  • Lowest energy use available
  • Ease of maintenance – reduced downtime
  • Industry’s widest selection of cylinder wires and contours for tailored screen performance
  • Applications support for optimal selection and system integration in a unit capital or system retrofit 

Max Screening

MaxFlow Screen