Chemical Fiber Screening

From a simple upgrade to a complete system

"We combine theoretical tools with mill knowledge to develop new screening technology"

Mathieu Hamelin, Product Manager AFT

What's inside matters


Screen Installation

Virgin Fiber Screening Solutions

AFT brings a global base of screening experience together with application and service engineers in the field. We can help you with all virgin fiber screening including brownstock, bleached and headbox applications:

  • Troubleshooting a single screen
  • Reducing energy across your process
  • Reducing shives and improving quality to the paper machine
  • Reducing maintenance surprises and costs
  • Gaining more capacity

Solutions can come from upgrades to an engineered performance component (such as a cylinder or rotor), an operating change, or a new piece of unit capital. 

If new equipment makes sense with good investment return, then AFT has a variety of screening equipment to consider:

  • Coarse and fine screens: MaxFlow™ - with custom internals for each application
  • Headbox screens: MaxFlow™ outflow or B-series inflow
  • Reject tail screens: MaxSaver™ - for maximized fiber recovery
  • Filters: MaxFilter™, bowed and drum thickeners